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It’s no surprise that with today’s busy lifestyles, families are more stressed than ever before. Struggling to juggle the daily personal and professional obligations, hectic kid activity schedules, and the regular care and upkeep of a home are now the norm. We know what it’s like, and it is our passion to bring relief to busy families.

 Bridge The Gap helps remove some of the daily obligations and errands off your to-do list, creates organized and functional spaces, and oversees and manages the maintenance and upkeep of homes. If you're struggling with everyday tasks and need some help, we would love the chance to meet you and discuss how we can give you the gift of time.

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Customer Reviews

For disabled or the elderly who can't dig holes anymore, but still enjoy a nice garden, Donna Kane at Bridge The Gap did an awesome job at transforming weeds to "wow".

Kim S.

Donna has saved the day for me many times!  Her commitment to each project made me feel like she cared about my clients and business as much as I did.

Kimberly M.

I have just used Donna’s services for the first time and was delighted with the quality of service and her professionalism.  I will certainly be working with her again.

Nick D.