Home & Office Organizing

Feeling overwhelmed? Bridge The Gap can transform your home and office into an organized, attractive, functional, nurturing space – one you’re happy to be in (and are happy to have other people visit!)

Customized services will fit your needs, budget and style. I listen (and don’t judge!) and work on-site in your home or office to create simple systems so you can:

  • Have more space

  • Find what you need, when you need it

  • Enjoy greater productivity and more free time

  • Eliminate clutter and paper piles

  • Feel calmer, lighter and more energized

I believe organization can help improve the quality of your life. I know that many people have struggled with organization, and I want to change that. It’s not something you need to be born with, like perfect pitch. With the right systems, a few key products and some good habits (alas, the mail won’t open itself), I believe that everyone can enjoy the benefits that organization brings.

Home & Office Organizing
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