Lifestyle & Household Management Services

If you consistently find yourself short on time, you're not alone. Most people feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in errands, kids, work and family. Therefore, Bridge The Gap is here to help you manage your to-do list so you have more free time to enjoy the things that matter most.

  • Errands and shopping

  • Mail pick-up / shipping

  • Pet services - vet & grooming appointments

  • Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery

  • Organize home, office, files and storage

  • Courier / Delivery Services

  • Special event planning & coordination

  • Wait service - wait for deliveries or service providers (cable, utilities, repairman)

  • Absentee home watch

  • Coordinate and oversee household repairs

  • Holiday helpers

  • Executive Assistance & Bookkeeping (QuickBooks)

  • ..... and much more

Who are our clients?


  1. Busy parents trying to juggle kids schedules, work, and households.

  2. Someone recovering from an illness or surgery.

  3. Seniors who could use a helping hand.

  4. Entrepreneurs who would rather be spending time working on their businesses.

  5. Corporations who want to offer a work-life benefit to their employees.

Schedule your personal consultation today so you can breathe easier tomorrow.